Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stash Busters

I am letting you see some of my secret stash. One picture is of the top two shelves of my fabric armoir...the other is of one of the cabinets over my cutting table. I love to unfold and caress my stash and dream of what each piece of fabric will one day be. Well, like a lot of us, times are getting harder financially and I am trying to be more thrifty. So, to help in my endeavors, I just joined Stash Busters, an online yahoo group. Their goal is to use their stash...and as you can see. I can use "a little of that". They have smaller groups, like the "no buy" group. I gasped when I read the rules for this group. They pledge to buy NO fabric for one year. I cannot take part in this, since for me, quilting is a business as well as a hobby. As a teacher and pattern designer, I have to use some of the latest fabrics in my samples to appease the quilt stores where I teach. So....thank goodness...I am off the hook there. I can tell you that I have cut way back, and now only buy fabric for which I have a use. Then there is the UFO group. This an awesome idea. Each person wages some fat quarters to join and you report when you complete you UFOs. IF you dont keep up, then you could lose your fat quarters....if you get them completed your name gets entered in a quarterly drawing, where you can win lots of fat quarters. They also have 'at home retreats' and Blocks the month. If you have serious "stash issues" as I do, you may want to give the group a try. www.stashbusters.com

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