Sunday, February 1, 2009

Penny Haren's Pieced Applique Class

I recently spent two days with Penny Haren at Sew Worth It in Sarasota. I had honestly never heard of her before. But the owner of Sew Worth It told me she used techniques using freezer paper and since I am the Freezer Paper Queen. (seriously, I use freezer paper and glue sticks in almost every class that I teach). Well, since she used freezer paper AND glue sticks, she had to be a smart cookie. The class was fantastic! She has come up with a way to make blocks look perfectly pieced.....but they are appliqued in some very easy ways. She even had a ruler made just for her technique. I left her class asking, "Why didnt I think of that?". I hope to be able to teach some classes using her book and techniques, next quarter. She and I have the same philosophy. I am always telling my students that I have to find away to make it "fast", "easy" and "fun". And she has a similar philosophy, probably because we both have raised a lot of children. She has five and I have six. You can find out more about Penny and how to get her book at

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