Sunday, February 1, 2009

Large Families Share It All....

Yes, large families share it all...all the fun....all the work....and when one gets sick...well...usually everyone gets sick. We have been passing around some kind of flu or cold all week. It hasnt lasted too long. Each person has had a high fever and felt terrible but thankfully the kids have recovered in a day or two. Well, this morning Becca woke up as the final victim. She has a high fever and a bad headache and some tears to go along. So, today, my main job is to take care of her. I hope to get a little sewing in too. I hope she will be able to sleep some and feel better soon.

Yesterday, I had a great idea for a small Valentine quilt. I hope to share it with you all very soon, so that you can make one too.

This is the kids sharing good times: a Birthday Luau.

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