Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yikes! My Baby Girl is Eighteen!

It's 12:48 am. This time 18 years ago, I was in the middle of labor and it would still be another 17 hours before I would see my first daughter. I had a precious baby boy who was 4 years old and was excitedly waiting for his baby sister, Abby. I had prayed and prayed for children and since I already had a son, I desperately wanted a little girl. God blessed me with Abby plus four more daughters. I am truly blessed. I actually had fertility problems and my husband had to have a vasectomy reversal before we could have our children. The Dr.s gave us little hope, but we asked that they just do the reversal and we would leave the rest to God. And...well...let's just say that God showed off with granting us with 6 children including a set of twins. God is so good. I just had to share with you, my readers. I pray that God will answer your prayers the way He has answered mine.

Be Blessed!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Please Vote For Me

Hi Friends,
I've entered my Hexagon Baby Quilt in the Quilting Gallery's Contest this week.
This quilt is what kept me sane during my mandatory bed rest while I was pregnant with my 6th child. I have since written this pattern and taught it to more than 50 students. The photo is not that great, cause I was in a hurry but it is truly pretty. Please vote for me, here.

Are We There Yet?

I am finally in the mood to sew and I will be stuck in the car for 15 out of the next 24 hours. My girlfriend, who is a hairstylist has to drive to North Carolina tonight to style the a bride and her wedding party. She asked me to keep her company and being the good friend that I am, I said yes. You would know I am in the mood to lock myself in the studio and sew for days. My solution: I'm going to look for some hand sewing projects I can do in the car. It might be piecing hexagons or some embroidery, not sure what. I just know for sanity's sake, I'd better find something.

I hope you have a fun and productive weekend.

Happy Sewing!!