Friday, February 20, 2009

At Home Quilting Retreat

I came home from teaching my Sewing Academy, at Fabric Warehouse in Lakeland, and I started reading emails from the Stash Buster Group. Some of them are having an At Home Retreat. I decided to join in this weekend. I have a lot to finish. Normally, I would plan ahead for this. They suggest you plan meals ahead or use the crock pot. Well, I did go grocery shopping and the kids are older and can do alot for themselves. I wont be able to sew all weekend, but I am going to try and lock myself in my sewing room for atleast part of the weekend. I think I will rent a few movies to play in the background or maybe I will play some sewing shows from QNN on my laptop. I'd better stock up on diet coke and maybe some chocalate. Sewing and Chocolate...sounds like heaven! If you havent had an at home sewing retreat lately...maybe you should try it. I will let you know what I accomplish. Happy Quilting!!

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