Friday, January 22, 2010

Organizing my Sewing Studio

A dear friend of mine has been helping me organize my house room by room. The last room and most important to me is my Sewing Studio. I actually have two...don't hate me. One is a small office just off of the master bath and the larger one is our School room. This room was once the back porch, then my "little girl's" bedroom and most recently the school room, where we homeschool. Well, now that I am a single mom, I need to teach more classes. I still teach in local quilt stores, but I need to add more classes from my home. Several people have requested it and I just didn't have an organized space for it. Well, my New Year's resolution is to get it in order and add new classes asap. I have surfed the web looking at other sewer's spaces for inspiration. My promise to you is to post pics of my finished room asap. Come join me and lets get organized together. I would love to hear your comments and ideas about getting organized.