Monday, March 10, 2014

Fabric Give Away!!

I haven't been around much lately. I'll tell you more later and also tell you that is going to change. In the last year I have started my own business it's called 5 Daughters Quilts. Wonder where I got the name from? LOL. Yes, me and my 5 daughters run the business together. We have a new website and we have had a facebook page for a while. You can check out our website at .

Please check out our facebook page and enter our drawing. Enter HERE.

I will be back soon to catch you up on all that's been going on. Here are some hints, weddings, babies, and business.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Free Sewing Machine Class

Craftsy is offering a free Sewing Machine 101 class. I have signed up but have not had a chance to watch it yet. I did watch the video advertisement and it looks great. Once you sign up for the class you can keep it as long as you want and watch over and over. It teaches how to trouble shoot and make minor repairs to your machine to keep it running great. They teach about vintage machines and modern computerized machines. It's certainly worth checking out.

I am going to be away from blogging for a few days but I want to wish all the mothers a very Happy Mothers Day. May God bless you and your families.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby Quilt and Getting Organized

If you don't like to read long blog posts, then you are in luck cause this one will be short and sweet. I have been extremely busy lately but I have been trying to get my sewing stuff organized. I may not have a lot of money but thankfully I have a lot of fabric, thread and sewing notions. Because I have worked in several quilt stores and have gotten wonderful discounts I have enough "toys" to keep my busy for a long time. I have organized all of my thread and am going through a lot of my fabric. Along the way I keep finding "UFO" aka un-finished objects and I plan to get a lot of them finished. I had to make a wedding gift for a friend this week and then I started on this baby quilt that I found. There were only a few blocks finished so I've basically pieced this quilt over the weekend. I believe I started this quilt years ago for one of my children, but I don't remember who. Anway, I love the way it turned out. The colors are gorgeous! Gotta run for now.
This is my organized embroidery thread inside of my sewing cabinet. I sorted according to brand not color.
Sewing stand with sewing thread

Happy Sewing!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Upcycle Project: Men's Shirt to Baby Pants and Onesie

I really began to sew when my first child was due. I was pretty much self taught at that time. I sewed out of neccesity, as funds were tight (aren't they always?) and because it helped me feed that "nesting feeling". I loved sewing for all my babies but sadly my babies are big now. Well, yesterday a friend of mine found out that her soon to be 6th child (I have six too) is going to be a boy. Wow! I'm sew excited for her. They only have one boy now and a whole lot of girls, just like me.

I went to my local thrift store and got some great deals. Lots of baby boy clothes and it was one of those fill a bag for $5.  She likes to shop at thrift stores too, so I knew she'd appreciate my bounty. I brought them home and washed them and delivered them to her but I kept a few because I plan on adding to them and making them even better. One of them is a little white newborn onesie. I also got a supply of men's shirts from a friend so I used the sleeves of one of the shirts to make newborn pants and to embellish the onesie with a 'tie' applique.

Here's a little tutorial of how I did it.

First of all, you need a simple pants pattern. I got this newborn pattern from the Made By Rae blog. You can find it here. Check out her blog, it's great. Her pattern is not for lined pants but it is easy to line them. The shirt fabric I used was very thin and my friends baby is due in October so I thought I should line them. I had some medium blue flannel in my stash so it worked out great. I basically made the outfit for free.

First I cut the sleeves off of the shirt. This was an extra large men's shirt and it was the perfect size for newborn pants.

As you can see the sleeve is the perfect size for baby pants.
  Cut out 2 pattern pieces in your outer fabric and in your lining fabric, in my case, the flannel.

Two pieces cut from each fabric

Pin the outer fabric to the lining with right sides together and stich along the bottom of the legs with a 1/2" seam allowance.

 Press the seam, then flip over where wrong sides are facing each other and press again. Then top stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance.
I also used a basting stitch along the top to help keep the lining and outer fabric together.
Now that the outer fabric and lining is joined, treat each leg as one piece.

Pin the two legs together and stitch the two pieces together from the top of the pants to the crotch but be sure not to stitch the legs. Use a 1/2" seam allowance and finish and reinforce the seam in whatever manner you like. I used my serger.

Now match up the two pieces and stitch from the bottom of the leg, up the crotch and back down the other leg.

Now follow your pattern directions for adding elastic. My pattern called for a 13" waist. If you use the Made By Rae pattern, she has complete directions with her pattern.

I like the look of the cuff turned up so you can see the lining.

Now on to the onesie. I drew a little tie and ironed some fusible interfacing to the back of the fabric then used spray adhesive and pins and attached it to the onesie. I used a small zig zag stitch along the edges of the tie. Be sure and use some stabilizer inside the shirt for best results. This onesie was so small that it was a little difficult to do the stitching, but was able to do it.

Isn't it cute?

Isn't this a cute little outfit? And I only had to use the sleeves of the shirt which leaves the rest of the shirt for something else.

This was great sewing therapy and my friend has a nice new baby outfit.

Happy Sewing,


Sew Happy Geek

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday Night Sew In Results

Have you every tried sewing with a child? Well, I have taught sewing for years and have enjoyed sewing with all my kids but it does slow you down. First, she couldn't decide what she wanted to sew, then she decided and changed her mind. Then, she decided to make a dress for a stuffed dog out of very slinky fabric. Well, that was a fail. So, I decided to direct her in making a pillow case dress for her doll. Not only did she do all the sewing on her own, but she put princess seams in the dress. I was so proud of her.

In between helping her I was trying to make a camera strap cover. I did make it and it looked good until I accidentally cut the strap after I finished the cover. 

 I was able to finish one pillow case but nothing like the 35 we made last year. I made it in a bright flannel so it will be suitable for a boy or a girl. I will try to make another one before I put this one in the mail on Monday. So, my FNSI had some successes and some failures. However, the smile on my little girl's face after she finished her dress was priceless.

I hope you had a good Friday night.

Happy Sewing,

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

Handmade by Heidi
I've decided at the last minute to participate in tonight's Friday Night Sew In. This month is a special one because bloggers from all over are going to make Pillow Cases for Conkerr Cancer. I've got to hurry up and find fabric in my stash for pillow cases. My family and I made 35 of them last year, but I'm sure I have more fabric to use for the cause.
Here are the 35 pillow cases we made last year. I will probably only make one pillow case tonight. My youngest daughter is going to sew with me tonight. I'm not sure what she is going to make yet, but I hope to make a camera strap cover, since my strap was mysterioulsy cut last week (no one knows how it happened). I hope you all are having a great night. Happy Sewing, Susan

My New Favorite Sewing Tool

This week I've been busy hemming jeans for a friend. I'll share a secret with you. I hate to hem jeans. Actually, I hate doing alterations all together. I'd much rather make something from scratch than to alter it. When people hear that you sew they assume you can do all forms of sewing but not all sewing is the same. However, I agreed to hem these jeans. In the process, I broke the screw that holds my presser foot off in the machine, I broke 4 needles and jammed my machine up pretty good. I was fortunate to find a local sewing machine repair man and he got me back in business really quick. His name is George and I will share his information at the end of this post, in case you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area. I did a little research on the computer as to how to make this jean hemming process easier. I found several videos on Youtube and several of them shared a hint that I wish I had know years ago. And it is to use your hammer on the flat felled seams. It's so simple. You just pin the hem the way you want it and take the jeans outside to a concrete area and whack the seams a few times. It's amazing! It flattens the seams without causing damage to the denim. You want to use caution and not whack too hard and you can use a cloth underneath the jeans for extra protection, however, I didn't find it neccesary. I was so excited about this new trick that I showed my daugthers and told them this was a life lesson they needed to know. If you have jeans to hem or thick seams to deal with you should give it a try. You many have heard this tip before but if you haven't I hope you find it helpful. Happy Sewing, Susan Sewing Machine Repair George's Mobile Sewing Machine Repair George Hamric 904-571-4493