Friday, February 25, 2011

Goodies in the Mail!

First of all, please forgive the quality of the photos. My good camera has a dead battery and I couldn't wait to post this so I took the photos with my iphone.

My sweet friend, Cyndi, from the blog Bluebird Swing, read about my Rowenta dying and since she got two new irons for Christmas she graciously sent me one of them. And it's another Rowenta! I love it! She is such a sweetheart. Lots of good things and friends can come from cyberspace.

Yesterday, I checked the mail and I found a large envelope on my porch. I couldn't for the life of me think of what it could be. I hadn't ordered anything. I knew Cyndi was sending me an iron, but I was pretty sure the iron wouldn't fit in an envelope, no matter how large. I had completely forgotten that I was to receive mug rugs from the Mug Rug Swap. I was so excited about getting mine made AND mailed on time that I completely forgot that I would be getting some too.

Anyway, Nicke (don't know if she has a blog yet) made me two adorable mug rugs! I love them so much. I love the "toaster" saying on the one and I love owls. I didn't make any specifications about my likes when I signed up for the swap. However, she really got my tastes right. She sent me some teas and favorite things that she puts in her mugs. Thank you, Nicke, so much!

What a great day this has been because of these two lovely ladies and of course the mail man. I am off to iron freshly laundered fabric with my new Rowenta.

Happy Sewing,Ironing or whatever you are doing today!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New Addition and Changing Times

I think it is incredible how God can pull one back on the correct path, no matter how hard one tries to go their own way. I shared with you last time that I had to go back to work cutting hair. My husband had lost his job and my ex was still in between jobs and unable to pay his full child support. Well, my friend owns a nice salon here in town and I went to work there. I didn't get the walkins/callins like I was promised and I ended up sitting in the salon for hours and days at a time doing nothing and making no money. I gave it 2 months and made about $1.50 an hour. And what I did make I had to spend on tools, clothes and shoes for work. Not good considering I was away from my girls, who are still homeschooling. Things have improved and I am now back on my correct path. George got new job and he and I both decided I should go back to where my passion lies and teach sewing and get back to designing quilt patterns. I am so happy and I feel like the weight of the world is off of my shoulders.

Now to my new addition. Joann's had Accuquilt Go Cutters on sale last week for 50% off and I used my income tax refund money to get one. I think it will come in handy. I will probably use it to cut quilt kits for my Etsy Store. I can't wait to start playing with it.

Well, my friends, that is my latest news. I will be around a lot more from now on.

Happy Sewing!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Finished Mug Rugs

I finished my mug rugs for the swap. Although, I have plenty of fabric in my studio, I found this Debbie Mumm collection and I thought it would be perfect. I think they turned out sew cute.

Happy Sewing!

Friday, February 11, 2011

In Mourning

Yes, I'm in mourning. Before you get too concerned let me assure you that everyone I love is alive and well. My Rowenta iron with the steam tank has....well... it has died. Yes, died. I was fortunate enough to find it at a thrift store a few years ago and I got a lot of good use out of it, but it finally quit working. As most sewers know the iron is second to the sewing machine in most important tools. I was actually in the middle of a project when it died and it was after 9:00 at night. I ran to Target to replace it but was short on cash. I found an iron on sale for $7.99. Yay! Wrong! Got it home and it spilled water all over my project and it didnt even heat up. Note to self: never buy and iron for less than $10.00.

I haven't been blogging too much lately. I am now a working mom to five girls. I have gone back to cutting hair. I have been a licensed hair stylist for 27 years but havent worked as such for many years. I am now in a situation where I need to work to help support my girls. It is taking some time getting used to stretching myself so thin. I have mommy guilt, like so many other moms do and I really miss my sewing time. I am still homeschooling the girls. Thankfully, you can homeschool at anytime and I am very grateful for the online classes my girls are taking.

My husband, the girls and I are getting adusted to our new city. The girls love our church. My oldest daughter and I are singing in the praise team and doing solos and duets. We are all in the chior now and George is going to be playing guitar in the praise team too. My hubby was laid off and is job hunting again, but will hopefully have a new one soon. All and all, things are ok and we are all glad we made the move.

I am heading to the studio to work on my mug rug for the swap. I am sure my sewing machine has missed me.

I pray you are all well.
Happy Sewing!