Sunday, February 8, 2009

Free Candy Hearts Quilt Instructions

This Valentine Quilt was very fast to make and very easy. I wanted a wall quilt to decorate for the holiday. I got to thinking about Conversation Hearts that say, "Be Mine" etc.. I decided to copy the looks of the candy and embroider my kid's names in the hearts. That works well for me, since I wanted six hearts and I happen to have six children. I actually bought a box of the candy and used that to choose the fabric for the hearts. I was looking for heart fabric for the borders, that had the same colors but I couldnt find it. Luckily I found this pink paisley that has almost all the colors in it.

The instuctions are very simple...I threw all of the traditional quilting steps out the window, to get this done quickly. Here are the instructions....feel free to use them for personal use, but please do not copy them or the use the design to sell. Feel free to send your friends here to get the directions for themselves. Enjoy and contact me if you have any questions

Candy Hearts Quilt Abby-Sue Designs 2009

1. Trace a heart on a 9" piece of paper. Fold paper in half, draw half of heart on one side. This is your pattern to trace your colored heart. Find the center of the colored hearts and write your message. You can do this with your embroidery machine, a sharpie marker or by hand embroidery.

2. Applique hearts on to 10.5" squares of light fabric. I used a white on white. Applique the way you prefer. I used a small blanket stitch with my machine, using invisble thread.

THIS is the Cheating Part.....

I turned the edges of the squares down 1/4 inch and pressed very well. Then I laid the squares on my background fabric, centered them the way I like them and stitched them on (again with the blanket stitch and invisible thread). I then cut away the background fabric underneath the white squares. This kept me for having to cut strips and add stashing, however it looks as if I did.

3. Trim the borders, sandwich with batting and back and quilt as desired. I used the border fabric for my binding as well.

I hope you enjoy this pattern.