Thursday, March 18, 2010

Planning my Easter Sewing

This photo reminds of me of Me and five daughters.

I am feeling a little better now and I am anxious to get back in my studio. I have quite a bit of homeschooling to catch up on, as well. I have a set of drapes that I have to make. My client has been very understanding, while I have undergone this 'root canal nightmare'. However, I want to get these finished and out of my studio. Of course, receiving a paycheck will be quite helpful also. I have been planning my list what to start after the drapes. My girls need Easter dresses. Our church is pretty casual so I don't have need for frilly dresses. My girls are getting to that age, where they don't like those kind of dresses anyway. I have one daughter who will only where skirts and not dresses (don't ask why?). Fortunately, my resource center aka stash is full of little girl dress fabric and my pattern cabinet is full of dress patters. I anticipate a "shopinng trip" in my studio today.

Here is my sewing "to do" list:

* Make drapes for a client

* Add grommets to my pot holders for swap

* Make dress for youngest daughter

* Make skirt for one of the twins

* Make dresses or skirts for 11 year old and 12

* Make Easter table runner

* Make matching fabric basket

Whew.....I'd better get busy. Happy Sewing!!



  1. Oh my you have a LOT to do! I'm glad you're feeling better, there's nothing worse than tooth pain. I hope you have a very productive day!

  2. What in the world do you do when you feel really good.hah.ah.a.a..

  3. Wow - what a list! Hope you are making some good progress!