Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Family that Sews Together......

The girls and I have been in the studio quite a bit this week. We are making pillow cases for Conkerr Cancer. We were already planning on participating in this program, but then a local store where I teach, Fabric Warehouse, had worked it out to get credit for "Disney's Give a Day, Get a Day program". This is really cool for us. My boyfriend, George, has never been to Disney World and most of my girls don't remember going, since they were so young the last time we went. With money being as tight as it is, Disney is not in our budget. So, all of us, including George have been making pillow cases. We each have make 5 pillow cases. We only have five more to have our 35 pillow cases finished.

Talk about stashbusting...this has really helped in that area too. I only bought 6 yards of fabric for this project. All the rest came from my stash...I mean my resource center. I am so happy to see the bright and cheerful fabrics go to the sweet children who are battling cancer. I have been praying for each child who may receive our pillow cases. I pray they find comfort and healing.

I am posting pics of some of my girls who worked on this project. We will post pics of all of our pillow cases later.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow Susan good for you - there's no way I could get my boys interested in this! And woohoo, you're going to Disneyworld!
    I pray over the people who get things I make too. This is a lovely, lovely project.

  2. Awesome!! and your girls are adorable!

  3. I love this!! I am especially fond of your referring to your stash as your "resource center", that's great! your girls are lovely, what an incredible project to undertake with them, and what a blessing for you and the recipients! Sending hugs~