Sunday, March 21, 2010

My First Eight Strings Blocks

I finally got started on my Strings Quilt. I am using scraps of fabric and all those scraps of batting that I have accumutlated. I am using the quilt as you go method. I am really excited about this quilt. I think it is going to be really cute. I think I will give this quilt to my youngest daughter.

I have also been working on my 39 Squares Stitch along embroidery. I think it is going to be alot of fun. And....I have finished embroidering five blocks for the Free Seasons Quilt Along.

Have I done anything I had on my sewing "to do" list, iike make drapes or Easter dresss? That would be a big fat NO. I will, however, get to it tomorrow...hopefully.

Happy Sewing!!


  1. Susan that's so cool looking - something I haven't tried yet but it's on my list! Your daughter will love it!

  2. Susan I love the string quilt. How many squares will you have when finished?

  3. Thanks, Allie. You should do one, they are so fun. Michelle, I am not sure how many yet, I was just playing so far. I will do the math soon. I think I am going to make a twin size for F's bed.

  4. That is so cute looking and I like how you are using the white to pull everything together.