Saturday, March 13, 2010

Organizing my Sewing Studio

I love my label maker!

I am rearranging my studio again. I still haven't made the new curtains or the curtain for the cutting table but I moving things around trying to get it more user friendly. I am trying to add supplies from my small sewing room without making the studio look cluttered. I have decided to make the small room the designated scrapbooking space and keep the scrapbooking supplies out of the sewing studio. Both hobbies use a lot of stuff! Anway, I have been using my label maker all day and lableling my plastic drawers. I think we sewers should buy stock in rubbermaid and the other makers of these drawers. I have never seen a sewing room that didn't have atleast one of these contraptions.

Happy Sewing!!


  1. WOW! I'm certainly impressed by your organizational skills. Well done~

  2. I just did this today too - but no labels, I don't have a label maker! I'm too changeable to put labels on anyway. And yes, I do have 3 of those plastic drawers things! Two for thread, one for fabric. All the other stuff is jumbled into totes.
    Good idea to keep scrapbooking separate.

  3. Good job and good idea!