Monday, January 16, 2012

Valentine Scrap Quilt

This is my finished quilt. I've used up almost all of my Valentine fabric scraps. I used a soft pink flannel for the backing, also from my existing stash. I washed and dried to give it that qreat 'krinkly' look. I think it turned out great. The blocks inside the quilt were cut to 5" square. I added the border and strips just to mix it up a little. This was the first time I used a single layer binding and that was because I only had a small ammount of that fabric and the store was sold out too. I actually liked the single layer binding. It was cut on the straight of grain and was 1.5" wide. It went on really easily. I'm sorry for the quality of the photo. I hope to get a better one soon, but I was in a hurry to share. I hope you are all working on using your scraps, too.

Last year, I made some cute table runners from my Valentine scraps. Here is the link:

Happy Sewing~


  1. Very cute quilt. I like your other v-day projects too.

  2. I love your Valentine quilt. It's so easy and gorgeous. The other projects must be fun to have around for February.