Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

Last night was so nice. My younger girls and my hubby all had to be out so it was nice and quiet. It's almost never quiet at my house. I started sewing in the afternoon because I had a Lady's Night Out planned with some ladies in my church. My oldest daughter and I went out to eat with the girls. Then some of the ladies came to my house for coffee. After they left, I decided to make more pennants because I didn't want to leave that job unfinished before I moved on to another project. I had an embroidery project planned but I didn't have time to get to it before I was too tired to stay awake. I love the way the pennants came out. I will probably make a few more sets but I need to get more double fold bias tape first. My daughter didn't sew with me because she was getting a cold and she is very busy with her classes right now. We can't afford for her to be sick, so I sent her to bed which made her happy. I'm going to continue FNSI today since the house is still quiet. I'm going to embroider my pink dish towels but I'm debating as to whether I am going to keep them dish towels or make them into child size aprons. I hope you stop by later to see what I decided.

I'm off to enjoy this beautiful Saturday. Do something fun today.

Happy Sewing!!


  1. Sewing and a ladies night all together, what could be better! I love your pink banner :)
    Happy FNSI!

  2. I need to get something like that to hang some in my living room. It could go over the pie safe. =)

  3. Cute pennants! Child size aprons are so cute, I will def. have to check back to see what you did with them. I am a new follower. Popped in from the FNSI links. I like to surf through them when I have a little free time. So much fun to see what everyone is up to, and so inspirational to see all the talent out there. Nice to *meet* you. :o)