Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year and What I've Been Up To

Hello my Blogging Friends. I have certainly missed you all. I'm so excited to see 2012. Last year was full of stress and sadness and I so thankful for new beginnings and a new year. I am sure most of you, you are happy to be done with the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

I was actually very productive during the month of December. Along with the Christmas preparations I finished two projects. The first project was to finish a quilt for a 91 year old woman. Her daughter commissioned me to finish a quilt that her mother began years ago. She gave me a box with a handful drawings of she planned the quilt and some finished sqauares. The lady put so much time in this quilt. The log cabin blocks and strips were hand cut(no rotary cutters) and she even drew each 1/4 seam allowance. All together I had in over 30 hours in this but the lady must have had hundreds of hours in it. I really felt privileged to complete this for her and her family. The quilt creator is now in a nursing home and the quilt graces her bed. At some point her daughter is going to take it home and put it on her guest room bed.

The family seemed very happy with the finished project and I felt like a surrogate mother who had given birth to this quilt. It was a very special experience.

The other project was to get my girls some warm clothes. I took them on a little winter adventure and I knew we would all need hats and scarves. I found some fleece for $2.78 a yard. I used only 2/3's of a yard to make each girl and myself and hat and scarf. They were super easy and very economical. We got good use of them too as our adventure turned out to pretty cold.

I'll be back tomorrow to share some of my sewing goals for 2012. I hope you stop by and shares some of yours, as well.

Happy Sewing!!

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  1. How cute those are, and the girls are adorable!