Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sewing, Sewing and more Sewing

Anyone who sews knows there are many different kinds of sewing. There is what I call "utilitarian sewing" which involves sewing for practicality. There is "work sewing" which involves sewing for the purpose of making money. There is "gift sewing" that is when you make gifts for someone you love. Then there is plain ole "therapy sewing". Therapy sewing is when life is beating you up and you just have to escape to your sewing space and create....just for survival purposes. Sometimes these forms can overlap from one category to another. For instance, I just finished make drapes that I was commissioned to make. These were both "utilitarian" and "work" sewing. They were a little on the boring side, but very helpful because they will buy us groceries this week. Last week, I was able to do some "gift" sewing, one of my favorites. I helped my oldest daughter make a quilt for her boyfriend for his birthday and I embroidered two baby blankets for a friend who just had a baby. These blankets were already embroidered, one with a monkey and one with Santa. All I had to do was embroider the babies name and make it very personal. New parents just love to see their new baby's name in print or thread as the case may be.
I am posting pictures of the gift sewing projects. Then I am headed to my studio to do some much needed "therapy sewing". Life is kicking my butt right now and I need a refresher...it's my kind of "re-boot". Hopefully, I will feel human soon and get back to "work sewing". I am making cloth, fitted diapers to sell. I will post detail and pictures later. To all of my fellow sewists.... Happy Sewing! and don't let the bad guys win.

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