Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fabric Baskets

Well, it took me long enough yesterday to get to my "therapy sewing". I had to take Abby to the college for her class, then took my other four daughters shopping to buy supplies for their Valentine Party we are having on Friday. I am so excited about their party. We have had a rough few months, especially financially, I thought they could use some fun. We have invited a handful of girls to go with our four little girls. We are going to decorate cookies and do some crafts and Eat. Anyway, I after we shopped all over town, I had to deliver the drapes I was commissioned to make. (And she wants more, yay!). Then a dear friend came over and visited me in my new studio. By the time I was ready to sew, it was night time. I was determined to finish a project and by 11:30 pm I had made an adorable fabric basket. I used the measurements from the Pink Penguin's tutorial. I have seen these baskets on lots of blogs. They are SEW adorable! This one is a little small so I am going to enlarge the pattern and make the next one bigger.

Thankfully, today I have no running around to do. It is going to be cold outside (for Florida standards) and it is a perfect day to stay in my studio. I am going to assign some workbook pages and reading assignments for the girls to do, then make a basket and work on the craft ideas for the girls' Valentine Party. Happy Sewing!!


  1. This is just great! You did a really wonderful job putting this little basket together. I hope you'll come check my blog out,

  2. Wow, this is awesome!!! Love it!!!