Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Organizing my Sewing Studio....still

Now that I am a single mom with five daughters still at home, I have to worry about mundane things like paying bills and supporting my girls. My ex is now unemployed and isn't able to pay the agreed child support, so things are getting tight. One would think that being a homeschooling, stay at home mom to six children and starting my own small business would give my a lot of marketable skills. However, I find myself to be very "under qualified" (atleast on paper) in this business market and especially this economy. My friend, George, keeps reminding me to follow my gifts, talents and dreams. My dream, my goal is to be able to support my family by teaching sewing and quilting and designing patterns AND to be able to continue to homeschool my girls. To that end....George spent 3 days and nights helping me clean out and organize my sewing studio. It had become a dumping ground for anything the kids couldn't find a place for. He has a gift for decluttering and organizing. Actully, I think it helps that he has no "emotional" attachment the stuff and can move quickly from one task to another. Anyway, by the end of day one, I was truly inspired.

I had been given two pattern cabinets by a dear friend who I helped close her quilt shop when she retired. These cabinets have been in outdoor storage and had become rusty. I had to sand them and they looked rough, to say the least. Well, I knew that they would drag down the looks of the studio, no matter how neat we got it. So....I just had to paint. I was actually thinking of having them professionally sprayed but time and money didn't allow. So, I visited my local Home Depot and bought two cans of Rustoleom paint. I wanted a very light blue but they didnt have it. So, I bought a dark royal blue and a white and mixed them myself. I rolled the paint with a small roller. It came out SO good!! I love paint. It makes things look new and fresh immediately. Love, love, love it. I am posting a before and after of the cabinets and one picture of the studio. I am making new curtains and have a few more things to put away. Then, I will let you see the rest. I am SEW excited.

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  1. looks so great!! The paint did a wonderful job on the pattern cabinet.