Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Chickens Got A New Home

Sometimes you have to count the costs. We hand raised our seven hens from the day after they were born. They had finally gotten to be good layers and we were getting a good supply of fresh organic eggs. However, I have not been able to let them out to roam very much. They decided they liked the neighbors mulch and jumped the fence a few times, even though I clipped their wings. Well, since they couldn't free range very much, I had to feed them more and the cost of their food was costing me more than it would cost me to buy eggs. It was also a pain to get the girls to feed them on a regular basis and if we went out of town, I would have to arrange for someone to take care of them. So, it just so happened that an acquaintace of my boyfriend asked if I was wanting to sell my chickens. He already had a couple of chickens and a huge area and coop for more chickens. At first I thought I didnt want to sell them, but then I counted the cost and decided it would be better all around to sell them while I had an eager buyer. So I caged up the girls and they were shipped off to their new home. To be honest it has been kind of nice to have one less thing to worry about. Lord knows, as a single mom with five girls at home and a home business, I have enough to worry about.

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