Monday, November 1, 2010

A Sneak Peak of My New Studio

As I mentioned in an earlier post. We have moved into our new house, in our new town. We decided that I should set up my studio in the front formal dining room. It just made sense because we don't have furniture for that room and we didn't think the room would get used much as a living room. We had planned to use the back porch that was glassed in with all windows, until we found out that the 'glass' was actually 'plastic'. Now we will use that room as overflow entertaining space (that is when I unpack all the boxes that are out there).

I have been folding fabric all weekend. I decided to store my favorite fabric out where I can see it so that I will be inspired. Each piece of fabric on this particular shelf was purchased with a certain project in mind. I have loved seeing it all again. I can't wait to finish the room and get back to sewing. I was amazed at how much fabric I got on this shelf. I wish I knew how many yards it is. And of course, this is not all of it. My new husband is freaking out about it all, so I need to get to making it all into something as soon as possible. Well, enjoy the sneak peak. I will be back with more progress reports soon.

P.S. I did finish reading the "Quilter's Apprentice" and I loved it. I went to the library today and checked out "The Christmas Quilt". I am going to do my best to find time to read it.

Goodbye for now, my dear friends and Happy Sewing!!


  1. Looks too pretty to get out and cut up... well, almost! ;)

  2. Hi Susan! Your fabrics look wonderful all stacked up there. I just love the way fabric looks stacked up on a shelf, with all of the colors and patterns mingling together. It's fun just to look at it! And when I enlarged the photo, I saw lots of pieces that I recognized because I have a lot of the same ones!

    Enjoy your new space and have fun creating!



  3. That's the best way to store it Susan, you can't use it if you can't find it! Good for you! Glad you enjoyed the book, the rest are just as good!