Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Christmas List is Growing!

This is the time of the year, we are telling our girls to make Christmas lists. Things are going to be tight and I am hoping that I can make them a lot of things from my stash. George and I have had a lot of expenses with moving and such, so we will be worrying about the kids and not ourselves. However, I am starting to wish there was a Santa. I really want a Accuquilt Go Cutter.

My next obsession is the Australian embroidery/quilting patterns that I see on so many quilting blogs.I especially like Homespun magazine. I love it.

There are certainly lots of great 'toys' for us sewing/quilting fans. My list is growing everyday. What's on your list?

Happy Sewing and Christmas planning, my friends!


  1. Oh I adore Homespun. I only have one thing on my Christmas list - a new camera.

    Back when hubby was getting laid off frequently, my boys were small and suddenly we couldn't afford much. So we told them that Jesus only got three gifts for His birthday, and were they ok with only getting that many - they loved it and we've done that ever since. They make very thoughtful lists. It's harder as they get older to find three things - but they're certainly more expensive than "just lego's, mom!"

  2. I love your Christmas wish list. I hope Santa is good to you!