Monday, November 8, 2010

Some Easy Hand Quilting

As I have been unpacking and organizing my stash, I am really finding some goodies. I have lots of empty walls in our new house that need something on them. My stash is really going to help me out with that problem. I found this Rooster cheater panel and a matching Sunflower panel that will look perfect on my kitchen all. I decided to hand quilt them. Hand quilting is so relaxing. I love hand work. Since I didn't have to spend time piecing them, I am doing a little extra quilting. It has been sew fun.

I only have about 6 more boxes to unpack to have my studio put together. I can't wait to show you. It is just gorgeous.I have a girl friend coming to town this weekend and I am going to help her make a doggie bag...a bag to carry her tiny dog in. Lori, helped us pack for our move and I really want to spoil her when she comes. I am getting the studio all ready and we are going to sew to our heart's content. She is bringing her youngest son and I have alreay recruited my daughter's to keep him busy playing so his mom and I can sew. While she works on her doggie bag, I need to get busy with Christmas gifts. I will try to make all the girls and George a new pair of flanel pjs. I found lots of flannel in my stash. I just love being able to 'shop' from my own studio.

My mail is finally getting transerred from the old house and I received the newest issue of Quick Quilts today. I am so excited to have some eye candy to look at tonight.

Good night and Happy sewing!


  1. That'll look darling on the wall Susan - I too love hand-quilting. Have fun with your friend!

  2. Hello Susan,

    Oh I do love the Rooster and Sunflowers,it will be stunning in your kitchen.
    Happy hand quilting.