Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Give Away and Flamingo Does the Ballet

While at a linking party at Kool Beens (see button on lower right) I found a nice give away at It's Sew Kiki. You can find her here. She is offering some nice things. If you enter, please mention that you saw it here.

Yesterday I helped my oldest daughter celebrate her 17th Birtday. We were going to take a weekend roadtrip but we have postponed it til George gets a new job. We had lunch at Pollo Tropical (her request) and we went window shopping. We stopped at one store that had some pretty "out there" things. Abby has been invited to prom by her boyfriend. He is a sweet boy from church and his mom is very excited about him taking my daughter. I am excited because my daughter is homeschooled and I am happy she'll have this opportunity. make a long story short. We took this picture and sent it to boyfriend's mom as a joke and said this was her new dress. She didn't know it was a joke and she texted back "WOW!!!!PRETTY!!! She didn't know it was a joke and those were the only words she could come up with. When we explained later, she said it looked like "Flamingo does the Ballet".
I told her she had named the perfect children's book and now we'd have to write it. It was all pretty funny.

Flamingo Does The Ballet

On another note, I gets lots of visitors to my blog, the other day I was getting one every five minutes or so. I am so glad to have visitors and if you like my blog, I'd love you to be a follower.

So, I am going to spend the entire day in my studio today. I have so many ideas, they are swirling around in my head making me dizzy.

Happy Sewing!!

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  1. That's the perfect name for that dress, lol - too funny!