Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sewing For Easter

Yesterday, I made an oversize bag for a new mommy. I will post pictures after I give it to her. Today, I am thinking I really want to make something for Easter, maybe a table runner. I got some Easter fabric from my stash and I found these Easter embroidery designs that I got from Emblibrary a few years ago. I am always behind on holidays. After Christmas, I always think I should keep sewing from December 26th on, just so I will be ahead the next year. Allie has a great Christmas Thru the Year thing going on, that I hope to join this month. But for today, I am thinking Easter.

I am really enjoying being home with my girls again. That two month stint that I worked at the salon has given my a new found respect for the gift of being a stay at home mom. Of course it was very easy to walk away from since I didn't make any money. Regardless, it rebooted my love for being home. I am working on schedules and ideas to begin teaching sewing again. I am also praying for a way to one day purchase a long arm quilter and quilt for others from home. God will just have to drop one in my lap, but I have seen him do bigger things in my life alone.

I'm off to my studio.
Happy Sewing!!


  1. Those are really cute embroidery designs, Susan. Can't wait to see the bag you made!



  2. I love those designs - I think I have the top one! I really can't go to their site anymore, lol. I want it all. Do you belong to their birthday club?

    I know what you mean about being able to stay home. I've had a couple of part-time jobs during my mommyhood, and it just about killed me. SUCH a relief to quit them and get back home. I don't have a ton of energy and trying to do it all wears me out.