Friday, March 4, 2011

In The Works

I have a new baby quilt in my head. It's for a "not yet born" baby boy. I was at Walmart the other day (yes ours still sells fabric). They had this adorable Dinosaur fabric AND it's the good stuff. It feel like high quality quilt fabric. It wasn't there usual $2 a yard stuff, it was just under $5 a yard. I just fell in love with it and the coordinating brown fabric. Then I went to Emblibrary and found a couple of dinosaur embroidery designs that match pretty well. I have been playing with one of the designs, but after 3 trial runs, I can't get the last satin stitch to cover the applique fabric enough to be comfortable putting in a baby quilt that will be washed over and over. I think I will change techniques and trim the design after the first outline stitch is made. I was following Emblibrary's directions and cutting out the dinosaur and the laying it on the outline stitch. If that doesn't work I will ditch the design. I will keep you posted on this quilt.

Today I embroidered another baby's name on a purchased fleece blanket. I have a friend at church who just had a very premature baby girl. I like to give new mommies something with their baby's full name on it. It makes it seem somehow more real to see the new person's name in print. I am also going to make them a quilted bag, also from cute fabric I found at walmart. It's not the same qood quality but it will be good for a bag.

Anyway, my studio is a mess at the moment. You know what that means? That means I have been busy planning and scheming with a little actual sewing going on.

I hope my friends out there in blogland are getting some sewing done as well. Until then....
Take care and Happy Sewing!!

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  1. That dinosaur fabric really is cute, Susan! I had found that Walmart did have some good quality quilt fabrics - for under $5 per yard. Unfortunately, our last "hold out" store shut it's fabric department down the first of this year! *sigh* With the price of cotton fabrics going up so high, that's really a shame!

    Good luck with the embroidery design. I'm sure you'll get it all worked out!