Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sewing Therapy Results

Well, my Saturday sewing didn't work out as I would have liked. I had to clean my sewing room some before I could sew. My girls had gotten there to work on their art projects and made some messes. Then I got a million interuptions.I decided just to make a simple sundress for my youngest daughter, so that I didn't really have to think, just sew. I even had expectations that she might be able to wear it to church the next day. I had a multi-sized pattern that I traced first because I have other girls to make the same dress for. That took a long time. Then, more interuptions and time for dinner. I didnt turn on my sewing machine until 8pm. From then on it was smooth sailing. The only the time I was ready to put the dress together, she was asleep, so I couldnt try it on her for sizing. Anyway, this is Sunday night...actually early Monday morning and I just sewed on the buttons. I think it is adorable. I am going to make her many of these to wear this summer with cute little sandals. I am also going to make her a matching wristlet, to take her offering to church. I finally remember to use on of my "made by Mommy" tags too. I did enjoy my "fun sewing" time. Now, it is time to get back to "work sewing."

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