Friday, January 30, 2009

Rainy Day Quilting

Here in the south, we have had an amazing stint of cold weather...really...for us very cold. I have been watching the weather and I can't imagine what it would be like to live in Chicago or somewhere as cold. One thing I know is that I would be indoors and I would be Quilting. Probably hand quilting, so that the quilt would be draped over me, keeping me warm and cozy. I think of the women in Pioneer days who had to make all of their quilts by hand and I have to think that quilting must have been a "winter only" sport.

Today is rainy and I am excited because I have to work on three quilts and rainy weather really puts me in the mood. I am hoping to have my first pattern printed within a month and I am working on the cover quilt now. I actually designed this quilt 8 years ago, while I was on complete bedrest during my pregnancy with my youngest daughter. I was going crazy, lying there with nothing to do. So I came up with the design and some time saving short cuts. I made her quilt almost entirely by hand and I quilted it by hand. (I have since gotten over that idea, as I am a super busy mom). Anyway, I have taught this pattern for years to many students and I finally going to print it. I have many more sketched and ready to go.

The inspiration for first quilt design: my sixth child.

I am sending my friend, Connie, directions for my second quilt and she is going to be my pattern tester for this. It is very "top secret" , but I will let you know how it all turns out very soon. Connie had the audacity to move close to Amish Country in Pennsylvania and I am terribly jealous of her being so close to all those quilt shops. However, I am planning a trip to see her this summer and that should make it all good. :-)

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