Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet Silas

My oldest daughter house/pet sat for a couple in our church. She was gone two weeks. When she came home she had money in her pocket and an idea in her head. She said, "Mom, I have to go to Joann Fabric tonight. I am doing a project and you can't ask me anything about it." My hubby took her since my feet were still hurting too bad. (You know I didn't feel well if I skipped fabric shopping) Anyway, she was in her room with a sewing machine for 2 days. Today was the grand reveal. When she appeared with "Silas", I was shocked. I don't understand it. But who am I to question another artist? Please forgive the photo quality, my hubby took it with my phone. I just had to share it with you. I didn't get permission from dear daughter, but since it's her new profile pic, I doubt she'd mind.
Yesterday, marked three weeks that I have tried to stay in bed and give my feet and my horrible case of Plantar Fasciitis and a stress fracture heal. Unfortunately, they are not much better. I have been very depressed being stuck in bed and dealing with my unemployeed hubby and the death of my mother. My daughter (Silas' creator) has been having some issues and has to see a cardiologist. There is more negative stuff in our lives as well, but I won't go into it right now. I am just gonna keep praying and hanging in there.

During my time in bed I did start a smocking project and I've looked at hundreds of sewing blogs. I also taught myself how to make a watermark and a new blog banner. Yay!! I am not very techy and I get very excited when I figure these things out. I hope you are all well and enjoying you creativity, as well.

Happy Sewing!!


  1. Hi Susan,
    My DH has recently recovered from a major illness and thank the good Lord, he's doing great.I know you and your family will do the same.Anyway,I just had to get on and say that I feel your pain, been there, done that.I swear by "The Good Feet" store.They have a system that has done wonders for me.I had reached a point where I could only walk, more like hobble, on my tiptoes.Gosh awful pain I started using their shoe inserts and had almost instant relief.Plus,they're much less expensive than custom orthotics.I get stress fractures if I walk too much.Hubby had to come and pick me up the last time I strayed too far from home. The pain was terribly so he bought me a readmill.You might remember that we exchanged gifts for the MP swap and I bought your precious MP baby doll from ebay.I so enjoy the blog.Such a happy place to visit.

    Bev S. in Omaha NE

  2. Hello Suan,

    I had a big smile on my face when I saw your daughters creation. Congrats to her creativity. I hope your problems lessen and things improve. Remember look forward to tomorrow, Fingers crossed and saying some prayers for you and your family.
    Happy days.

    oh and I love the new header, your family is beautiful.

  3. I LOVE Silas! I think she has a career in softies ahead of her!
    I'm so sorry you're still suffering with your feet. Yes, it must be bad if you skip the fabric store. I am praying for you, sweet girl....