Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poodle Skirts and Helping Out

I'm sorry I've been gone for a while. Life is still very crazy here. My hubby has been out of work AGAIN! This economy is just nuts. My exhusband, my childrens father, was in the hospital for two weeks and is probably heading back again as I write this. He had a blood clot in his leg from his groin to his ankle, blood clots in his lungs and pnuemonia. He was released, even though they never determined exactly what is wrong with him or how to 'fix' him. He is like us and has no health insurance, so I am sure that was part of his early release. Today, he had his blood levels checked for blood thinnners and he was told to go straight to the ER because his levels are dangerously high. As for me, I am stuck in bed and unable to walk without crutches. I have had a terrible case of Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and now have a stress fracture in my right foot,as well. So, I am hoping that if I get completely off of my feet for a few weeks that they will heal. I was wallking on them, in pain,for six weeks because I still had so many "mom things" to do.

Before I got 'off of my feet' I had been doing some custom sewing. I made this adorable Poodle Skirt and the top for a client. She sings in a band and they were asked to sing at a 17th birthday party that had a 50's theme. I was so happy with how it turned out.

I have an update on Baby Leighton, the preemie baby that I had asked you all to pray for. Well, she came home with oxygen and IV's and such. I was blessed to be able to go help out her mommy for several days. My job was to hold that precious baby while she and mommy slept. Leighton is very spoiled and rightly so, after all she has been through. I got to hold her about 22 hours total and I loved every minute of it. I miss her now that I am unable to drive or walk. I can't wait for my feet to heal so I can hold her again. She's such a sweetie an it is awesome to hold a "miracle" in hour hands.

I want to share with you an opportunity to help a fellow blogger. She is Kaaren from The Painted Quilt blog. She is battling some very serious health problems and my friend Allie from Allie-Oops is collecting quilt squares to make her a quilt. If you can help, please do. I plan on making some squares while I am stuck in bed. Click on the picture to go to Allie's blog and find more information and a tutorial of how to make the block.

Well, my friends, that is what's going on with me. I pray for you all and I ask that you pray for my husband, that he will find a permanent job very soon and that my ex-husband will get well and be able to find work as well. I hope to be back soon with some positive updates.

Happy Sewing~


  1. Oh Susan, I am so sorry to hear all of your bad news. Please know that I will be earnestly praying for you to soon be up on your feet again, for your ex-husband to get well soon, and for your hubby to find a job. Things just seem to come in clumps of three, so hopefully this will be the end of all the bad stuff for a while! Take care and let me know if there is anything I can do for you!



  2. Sorry about all the troubles. I hope you're feeling better soon.

    And the poodle skirt is great. I made one in high was fun!

  3. My goodness when it rains it pours - you are in my prayers sweetheart! I can't walk without pain myself so you know I'll be praying for you. Praying for all your needs, hon.

    Love the poodle skirt - very sweet! And thank you for posting about Kaaren's quilt!