Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Planning my Christmas Sewing

Hi Friends,
My new hubby, my girls and I are moved into our new home and new town. Are we unpacked yet? No way! Is my new studio set up? Not a chance. However, we are on our way to getting settled. Our original plan had been for me to put my sewing studio in the "glassed in" back porch. When we got moved in, I realized the porch windows were not glass but plastic. I just thought it would be too humid to keep my expensive machines and such out there. I was very panicky for a while, wondering where I would be able to sew or put my stuff. Almost half of the moving truck was sewing or craft related. (Instead of using newspaper to wrap breakables and fill in boxes, we used fabric. It worked great.) I think my husband could sense my concerns and he suggested I turn the formal living room into my studio. We have a family room and a living room, but we only have one set of living furniture, anyway. It took a little while to wrap my mind around the idea, but now agree it is a good idea. Basically, it would have been wasted space because new furiture is not in the budget and then, how often would we really use a formal living room anyway.

I have been working a little at a temporary job and have been really busy. Now, I need to start my Christmas sewing. I need to make pj bottoms for my girls, a few quilts and some purses for the girls also. I hope to have my studio set up and unpacked by the end of the weekend. I will let you know what I plan to sew first. I have missed my blogging friends so much and I am looking forward to getting back in the groove.

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  1. Susan that's a great solution - people rarely use both a family and a living room, I grew up in a house with both and we practically lived in the family room. My girlfriend has one of those glassed in porch additions [but her's is glass] and has all her sewing stuff out there. Here in Michigan, it gets VERY cold - she's come out in the morning and found the water in her iron frozen solid! I don't know how she can stand it. The living room sounds better to me!
    Can't wait to see what you're going to make first!