Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We're Planning a Tea Party

One of my daughters is turning eleven this week. She asked if she could have a tea party for her birthday party. After thinking about it, I decided that a tea party is a very economical party to have. We are borrowing plates, cups and tea pots from a friend. We are making finger foods and tea. I think we have enough stuff around the house to decorate the table. The party is going to be this Saturday. I will be sure and post photos.

Now, for those of you have been following my blog, you are not going to believe this. Those drapes that I was commissioned to make and took me over a month to finish... Well....they are BACK!!! Yes, Back! The client had her husband measure the old drapes and guess what? He measured them wrong. The rod pocket was supposed to be 3" but he wrote down 2". I am so glad that I got it in writing. Thankfully there was a little fabric left over. Now I have to "unsew" the rod pocket and add a strip of fabric to the back and make the pocket bigger. Oh well, atleast it wasnt my fault. That would have been awful.

Not much sewing going on in the studio today. The girls and I weeded the front flower bed. I am hoping to make the birthday girl and new dress for the tea party. I already have the fabric and the pattern, now all I need is more time.


  1. A tea party sounds lovely! Head over to the thrift store and find some hats....or the dollar store and pick up some you can embellish!

    I can't believe the drapes are back, thank goodness it was the client's fault!

  2. OMGosh...I bet you had a fit (privately, of course) when those drapes came back! And thank goodness it was the "husband's fault! I know you will be so glad to see those things go away forever!

    How sweet that your daughter wants a tea party for her birthday. I hope you all have a wonderful time! And happy birthday to your daughter!



  3. A tea party is just the thing! They are so fun.
    Honey, it never fails when you really don't like doing something it never goes away.hahaa.a.
    Hopefully this is the end of it!

  4. Hi Susan, it was nice to visit your blog to-day and so good to hear that you are re-inventing birthday activities "at home" for your children. My mother always held tea parties for us and made 'Dolly Varden' cakes until we were older.

    My parents had very little money; so she improvised by baking a cake in a pudding basin then; tipped it upside down and dug out a hole in the middle and iced it with fondent which became the skirt. After that; a plastic doll with the legs off(which was the same one for all of us) was pushed into the hole and a wide ribbon was tied around her upper body with a bow at the back.

    My sister and I always got the same cake...just in different colours and; we loved it!

    Tea parties and theme birthdays at home, bring back many more happy memories than a "big gig" at McDonalds with an employee of the company.

    Kind Regards