Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Quilt Completed

I finally finished a quilt for my Dad. I started it about three years ago and I bought the fabric almost 8 years ago, when I worked at Granny's Trunk it Lakeland. My dad has been constructing things my whole life, so when I saw this fabric with power tools and screws and nails, I just had to have some. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it and I didnt really get enough of it. I had to add thses other solid colors to it and I used almost every inch of it. When I bought the solid backing, I was short changed by 1/2 yard from the lady at the fabric store. That meant more piecing for the back. I think it looks pretty cool, but unfortunately I had to cut two inches off the front borders. I am very glad to have it finished in time to give it to him for Christmas.


  1. Did I read that right? Harv Buckner? Buckner is my maiden name!!!! Maybe we are related!!!My father's family was from the Chattanooga Tennessee area.

    Linda Sue (Buckner) Campbell
    Fort Gratiot, MI

  2. Very cool, Linda. Not sure if we are related or not. I think my Dad's family was from the Asheville, N.C. area.