Thursday, April 23, 2009

Confessions of a Wanna Be Farm Girl

I confess. I have always dreamed of owning some acreage, having horses, a garden and any other critters I felt like having. Well...I have been growing a vegatable garden for a few weeks now. I am growing the entire garden from seed, so there isnt much to show yet. But, have no fear, I will be posting pictures. the girls and I went and bought 8 baby chickens. We have raised them in the past...several years ago. Then it was more for fun and learning for the little girls. Now, however, it is for those reasons, plus the eggs. I figure if we are able to have organic vegatables from our own yard...we should have hormone free eggs also. The girls are very smitten with the chicks, now. I am sure when they are feathered and not as cute...they will lose interest and I will have to harrass them into feeding them. Bobbin, my baby dog, loves them...but Whiskers, our outdoor totally disqusted with the whole thing.

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